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My Startup In Paris

Journeying soon?
Bond before travelling with Karry

A classic trip planning often rhymes with booking flight tickets, transfers and accommodation. How about already planning right now who you are going to meet once there?

After simply entering WHERE and WHEN you are going to travel on the Karry “Away” feature, dive in a flow of Karryiers travelling to the same place at the same time.


Never transit alone anymore

May it be in an airport waiting to board the plane to New York or simply in a train station commuting, transits will no longer rhyme with boredom for any Karryier.

Stopping over at Paris Charles-De-Gaulle Airport for an entire day and bored while waiting for your plane to depart? Know who’s transiting through the same airport at the same time using Karry “Transit”.


No journey plan anytime soon?
Stay home but connect with you travel companion

Karry’s exotic “Home” feature allows you to evade even when you’re home by welcoming travellers journeying in your hometown.

Now looking at it from the other side of the mirror: as a traveller, on top of matching you with travellers going to the same place at the same time, Karry connects you with locals waiting for your arrival.


Karry Passport

Easy as ABC, check at a glance what common interests you might have with any Karryier – here Katya - travelling to the same place at the same time. Their education, work and interest will show, allowing you to further chat if you think you are like-minded.  All their planned trips will also show in their passport.


Planning your encounters through the Karry chat

If you feel like Katya and you might have a lot in common. Why don’t you plan meeting up ahead of your trip?  Chat and start socializing prior to travelling  by exchanging cool insights, AirBnB offers or a potential date! Travel socially like never before.

Travel socially like never before.



Ashley, 21

American, Master’s degree student

“Fell in love with the city of lights last November. How not to when this guy I had met 2 weeks before was waiting for me at the Paris airport with flowers and Champagne...”



Pierre, 32

French, Strategy Consultant

“This 6-hour transit at the Dubai International Airport felt like 15 minutes long. Meeting Patrick at this cool steakhouse was more interesting than waiting alone for my next flight at the lounge.”



Alexandra, 25

Australian, Photographer

“Everytime I meet travellers coming to my hometown, I feel like I’m escaping from my daily routine. I don’t feel as shy since I know it will be a no-strings-attached kind of encounter.”

Karry is a free mobile app available for free on iPhone and soon on Android (App Store and Play Store).

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